An LIS for the
modern age

bLIS is a comprehensive LIMS solution for laboratories and clinicians to manage the entire laboratory testing process. It is simple, affordable, and usable anywhere with its mobile-friendly design.

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Simplicity at its Core

  • Streamlined and efficient laboratory workflows
  • Reduce the number of errors
  • Mobile-friendly, use on any device
  • Go Live Fast

  • Initial implementation in as little as two weeks
  • Simple set up and interfacing of laboratory instruments
  • SSO integration - use your existing user credentials and permissions
  • Perfect solution for any laboratory

    Its ergonomic design leaves the user able to navigate the entire system with ease. No more endless searching and clicking around for the tab you need because its design is intuitive, and it all flows together. A new bLIS user can be trained and comfortably use the system in an afternoon.

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    Reduce errors and increase laboratory productivity

    bLIS can interface directly with a wide range of laboratory instruments. Interfacing directly with instruments significantly reduces errors and increases your lab's efficiency. bLIS has paperless requisition capabilities, eliminating illegible handwriting errors and preventing samples from being submitted without critical information. bLIS has fully customizable KPIs so that you can keep track of pertinent data to your operation.

    • Full instrument integration
    • Paperless requisition capabilities
    • Customizable KPI's
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    Why choose bLIS?

    bLIS is audit-ready. It is FDA title 21 part 11 compliant, and all of your data is encrypted to meet HIPAA compliance standards. bLIS is also SOC2 compliant, so you can rest knowing your data is safe and your system is airtight during any audit.

    Mobile-friendly, use on any device

    Whether you want to check the status of a sample or review a particular report, you can now do all of this from anywhere on any device.

    Focus your time on what matters not the LIS

    Overall, bLIS makes things simple so you can spend your time focusing on what you need to get done. Reduce your errors, increase your efficiency, and take command of your business with the help of bLIS.

    Ready to Use

    There is no need to set up new users and memorize more passwords. bLIS can synchronize with your existing system's single sign-on APIs.

    Full sample traceability

    Track all of your samples in real-time from start to finish. Every step provides clear transparency to trace every step of the workflow and report which actions are still pending.

    24/7 support

    Never worry about system outages with bLIS‘s operational availability at an uptime of 99.999%. If you have any questions, bLIS has a team of highly trained expert staff members ready to jump in and help.

    What our customers say

    "bLIS is so simple and easy to use that training is a breeze. We can train a new staff member the basics of bLIS in about 30 minutes."

    Jackie O

    "I love how I can literally do everything on my phone. Yesterday morning I corrected some tubes for a sample and tests while at home, while techs were working in the lab. Amazing."

    David H